Wage theft costs California taxpayers at least $8.5 billion every year – money that could be used for education, public safety or updating our infrastructure. The failure to stop employers who steal wages and cheat on payroll taxes not only hurts taxpayers, it drives more working Californians into poverty, and gives a competitive advantage to businesses that break the law.  Sign our petition to demand your local officials take action to stop wage theft.

Wage theft is especially common in California’s $150 billion construction industry, affecting one in six workers. California’s local governments are uniquely positioned to stop construction wage theft because they award tens of billions of dollars in construction contracts each year, approve new developments and issue building permits, licenses and certificates of occupancy. These are tools that can be used to promote greater compliance with state labor laws.    

But they are not the only tools. Enhanced education of contract managers and procurement officers; utilization of Project Labor Agreements and bid pre-qualification programs; enhanced worksite inspections; and more prosecution of employers who break the law are equally important. But only our local officials—city councils, school boards, planning commissions and district attorneys—can take these critical steps.

Don’t let California get short changed – sign this petition to stop wage theft.